Stargate: War Begins


Stargate: War Begins has been around for years now, but is still being actively developed and improved by a dedicated modding team pushing out new releases fairly regularly. If you can think of any specific ship in any of the three Stargate shows to date, it has probably already found its way into this mod - so go check it out if you call yourself a Stargate-fan!

Of course everybody else is invited, too. Unmodded Nexus bores you? Then go play as a fake god from an alien planet and crush those puny humans with your pyramid ships and gate gliders! Lots of stuff to try out here, lots of enjoyment to be had.

Visit Stargate: War Begins mod on

To top it off, the mod team is also currently working on a new campaign set in the Stargate universe - which is bloody hard work considering the game doesn’t actually support custom campaigns and there’s not an awful lot of documentation available for that… almost none, in fact. I’m very curious on what they’ll pull of there and wish them the best of luck, that going the extra mile and through all that hardship will pay off in the end.

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